Southern Spruce – Swedish Tourist / Rehearsal Oct’22 2xMC Boxset


Southern Spruce – Swedish Tourist / Rehearsal Oct’22 2xMC Boxset

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This boxset contains Southern Spruce releases:

  • Swedish Tourist: Travel Memoirs from Southern Spruce 2012​-​2018
  • Rehearsal October ’22

Strictly limited to 49 boxsets!

Swedish Tourist:

This anthology chronicles three journeys (adventures) conducted by the band between 2012 and 2018.
The songs appear chronologically as of the three travels – 2012, 2016 and 2018 – and not with regard to the release dates of the albums themselves.

Tracks 1-3 taken from the “In the Summer of Love” unrealized 7-inch single (shelved release in favor of the full-length; recorded in 2022). It is about a journey to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague in the summer of 2012.

Tracks 4-10 taken from the “Train to Istanbul” 12″ EP (2022). It is about a journey by train to Copenhagen, Munich, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia & Istanbul in the summer of 2016.

Tracks 11-12 taken from the “Make Persia Great Again” 7-inch single (2021). It is about a journey to Iran (Tehran, Esfahan & Shiraz areas) in the autumn of 2018.
This release concludes the Southern Spruce saga. part of the great 2022/23 endcommunean purge.

Rehearsal October ’22:

an instrumental rehearsal for the “weird moons” lp back in october 2022.

just complementary bonus material, i want it archived in the catalogue for personal satisfaction tbh as well play some tunes slightly differently and the sound is quite crisp for a rehearsal

most people would do well in stickin with the LP, however.

part of the great 2022-2023 Endcommunean purge