Invisible Manuscript of Force Compilation (2xCD)


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M.O.H. proudly presents this Coft Skull Collective compilation – strictly limited to 50 copies.

Quoting Rites of Pestilence:

Very aptly titled, this compilation is indeed an aural representation of force, might and absolute hatred. Gathering artists already renowned on some underground circles and labels from the US and European scenes, this compilation is highly varied. From the obscure, dissociating Industrial Noise, to the rhythmic warfare of Techno and Gabber and EBM maniacs, to the ancient Dark Ambient invocations of grandeur and the nocturnal gaze of Black Metal atavism, between such other genres like Keller Synth, Industrial Metal, Power Electronics, this compilation shows tremendous variety but still is absolutely coherent, both aurally, with all the tracks flowing organically with each other, as in the spirit and attitude reigning in all these acts of irreverence, stoicism and unwillingness to bend a knee to a modernity that wants to see them extinguished.

1) Blodryne – Stalking Shallow Waters (extended instrumental)
2) Sallow Statue – Dìleas
3) Piss in my Pussy – Untitled
4) PYRE:NUMEN – A Letter From the Pyreness
5) Howitzer – Phosgene Ambience
6) Der Leere Raum – Shivers
7) Häkkänfałt – Twilight’s Vexation
8) Numinous Kombattant – Gevatter Tod
9) Shapeless Intolerance – Untitled
10) Storms of Baal- First Storm: A Prayer for Vengeance
11) Unknown Artist – Untitled
12) Kaleidoscope Autistic Blood – Vodka Based Lyfeform

1) Odintyr – Mind Reaper Saw
2) Skintone – Blossom
3) My True Destiny – Agnostos Theos
4) Unknown Artist – Untitled
5) Unknown Artist – Untitled
6) Sattva Gudhagara – The Transcendent Depths of the Deepest Abyss
7) Dolchstoss – Saint Chamond
8) O.T.G.T – Untitled
9) Pagan Blossom – The Marching Echoes of Hidden War
10) Old Ways -Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
11) Bring them in heaps… – Untitled torture II
12 ) I.M.O.F – Outro